Automatic Oxidation Stability Apparatus for Biodiesel HK-2222 Huake

Automatic Oxidation Stability Apparatus for Biodiesel HK-2222 Huake

This apparatus is our domestically initiated, with independent intellectual property rights; also this is a crucial biodiesel test instrument. The HK-2222 oxidation stability apparatus for biodiesel fills the blank of domestic unable to production, conforms to the EN14112 Fat and oil derivatives —Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) —Determination of oxidation stability (accelerated oxidation test), used for the determination of the oxidation stability of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) at 110 °C. And our HK-2222 overall system performance can meet with Unix operating system, part of the performance got better performance.



  • Apparatus strictly according to EN 14112 Standard, used for testing the oxidation stability of the biodiesel.
  • Conform to two Standards of EU and China
  • Imported digital PID temperature controller, temperature control range is room temperature to 150℃, precision is ±0.1℃
  • Imported Dedicated heating band, safer and more environment
  • Dedicated diaphragm pump with precise flow control and constant flow
  • Unique air filtration system ensures that multi gas pipes are unblocked and good air source.
  • Conductivity meter measures data in real time, big screen liquid crystal industrial PC automatically records and stores data. Multi channels input and process data, can display the oxidation process of grease and the conductivity of induction period at real-time.
  • Display Mode: Digital pattern
  • Work station: Two
  • Single control for each sample, automatically set according to requirements.
  • Two samples separately control, convenient for parallel samples
  • Two temperature control systems, user can set arbitrarily.


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