ENVIROSYS Ltd. is active in the fields of environment, renewable energy and new technologies. The Company undertakes applications, construction, operation and maintenance of scientific instruments in general, of air pollution and stack emissions monitoring systems (portable and fixed, stationary and mobile systems, networks) and of high technology mechanical and electronic equipment (automatic painting chambers, weighing systems, etc).

The range of products and services of the company includes:

  • The Τrading / Disposal of scientific appliances & instruments
    • Research / Planning for solutions & systems development
    • Special environmental studies
    • Installation, operation and maintenance of Air Quality Monitoring Stations and Networks
    • Design and construction of functional / peripheral support systems H/W & S/W
    • Development of special PC software
    • Design & Installation of renewable energy systems
    • Installation of monitoring meteorological parameters systems for airports
    • Supply and installation of high-tech mechanical and electronic equipment
    • System Integration
    • Project Management
    • Installation/ Setup/ Calibration/ Connection of Instruments and Monitoring Stations
    • Technical Customer Support
    • Service / Instrument Calibration for customers
    • Measuring Services for Industrial / Factory Pollution

ENVIROSYS has experienced scientific – technical staff and extensive know-how, aiming to meet the needs of its Customers and be established as market leader in the markets addressed.

The Company represents distinguished manufacturers such as:


Air/water quality monitoring equipment, automotive emissions testing systems, stack gas analyzers, particle analyzers, etc.

Theodor friedrichs

Meteorological instruments

ama instruments

BTEX, VOC analyzers


Particulate Matter Samplers 


Solar radiation meters

Laboratory Equipment


Portable water analysis instruments


Refrigerators, freezers, deep freezers

Portable particulate monitors, toxic and explosive gas detectors

automatic titration devices, densitometers, refractometers

Washer – dryers and sterilizers of Laboratory Equipment

Oil properties measurement equipment

Particulate matter analyzers

Aircraft noise, flight & environmental data monitoring systems