Apparatus for Rusting Characteristics of Oils HK-2009 Huake

Apparatus for Rusting Characteristics of Oils HK-2009 Huake

HK-2009 Apparatus for Rusting Characteristics of Oils conforms to the ASTM D665 Standard Test Method for Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water. This apparatus covers the evaluation of the ability of inhibited mineral oils, particularly steam-turbine oils, to aid in preventing the rusting of ferrous parts should water become mixed with the oil. This test methodis also used for testing other oils, such as hydraulic oils and circulating oils. Provision is made in the procedure fortesting heavier-than-water fluids.



  • The apparatus adopts low noise and high pulling torque electrical machines, stirring well and rotate speed is accurate
  • Can proceed four groups of experiments at the same time, improves the testing efficiency observably and save more time.
  • Adopts electrical machine to stir the constant temperature bath, temperature controlling speed fast and well-distributed.
  • Digital display temperature controller, easy to operate. Temperature controlling precision is high.
  • The heating output adopts solid-state relay, contactless, sparkless, noiseless. Long life time, safe and reliable.
  • The heater adopts stainless steel material. The heating rate is fast and the life time is long.
  • Rational design with attractive appearance and safe operation.


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