Enviromental Systems

Gas analyzers AP series Horiba
Particulate monitors AP series Horiba
Sampling systems Horiba
Data collection, transmission and management software Horiba

Meteorological instruments Theodor Friedrichs

Shelters with accessories (alarm systems, fire-detection/extinguishing systems, lightning protection, etc.)

Portable particulate monitors EPAM/HIM series Environmental Devices Corporation

Mobile laboratory for water quality monitoring

Portable Water Multimeters U50 series Horiba

Portable Water Multimeters W20 series Horiba

Portable water quality meters LAQUA series Horiba

Determination of oil in water OCMA series Horiba

BTEX, VOC analyzers GC series AMA Instruments

Calibrators LNI

Noise Monitoring Systems Castle

High Precision Pyranometer MS-802 EKO
Pyrheliometer MS-56 EKO
Sun Tracker STR-22G-SET-10 EKO
Spectroradiometer MS-701 EKO
UVA Sensor/Radiometer MS-212A EKO
Pyrgeometer MS-202 EKO