Precise, repeatable, robust, and innovative, HORIBA’s MEXA-series analytical systems are widely recognized throughout the industry as the de-facto standard for emissions analysis. Thousands of HORIBA analytical systems are used in test cells worldwide by manufacturers, research institutions, independent test laboratories, fuel producers, and regulatory agencies.

MEXA-ONE offers an intuitive user interface with a highly efficient hardware and software design.
This results in increased testing efficiency and economical facility operation, while enhancing reliability and accuracy. These advancements are possible because the MEXA-ONE software employs new “HORIBA ONE PLATFORM”. This platform integrates the test devices in an emission cell into a single user interface, increasing efficiency and optimizing user control over the entire testing process.

MEXA-ONE incorporates HORIBA’s leading-edge technology to enhance reliability and performance beyond today’s expectations.
Improved durability and maintenance assure efficient test facility operation, reducing overall test duration and accelerating engine and vehicle development.

ü  Faster Response and Shorter Test Times

Fully automated, customer-defined, pre-test routines ensure system readiness for testing. Overall test duration is minimized by reducing analyzer response and wait times between measurements.

ü  Lower Cost of Ownership

Savings are realized through reduced operational costs, with a focus on reduction of consumables and facility requirements.

ü  Enhanced Maintenance Support

Automatic notifications of periodic inspections and adjustments are generated as required by emission regulations in accordance with a user-defined schedule. Inspections and adjustments can also be started from the control window.


  • Preventative Maintenance Feature

This automatic function provides advanced notification for the replacement of consumable parts. This process enables proactive maintenance to be performed.

MEXA-ONE automatically monitors analyzer sensitivity and displays the request for readjustment before exceeding the permissible range.

ü  Effective Troubleshooting

When an alarm occurs, the MEXA-ONE not only displays details of the alarm but also generates a display with troubleshooting instructions. Quick alarm resolution enables effective testing.

ü  High Performance and Durability

MEXA-ONE exceeds the durability seen in about 4,500 MEXA-7000 units in operation around the world. For example, the entire sample handling system has undergone a major upgrade to optimize sample flow and to reduce pump load.