OCMA 500/550, Oil Content Analyzers

OCMA 500/550, Oil Content Analyzers

Compact Oil Content Analyzer new OCMA-500 series focuses  on enhanced operability and useful functions  enabling  anyone  to handle with no hassle. Offering two models, OCMA-500 series is utilized for various purposes including wastewater monitoring, environmental conservation, and quality control.

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  • Allows measurement of any oil with low boiling point (NDIR method)
  • Easy and Speedy measurement
  • Color graphic display with multi-language (English/Russian/Japanese)
  • USB data output port
  • Unit conversion function (mg/L, mg/kg, mg/g, mg/PC)
  • Fully automated one-touch operation, from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining
  • Reduced environmental impact and running costs (20% cut in solvent consumption)
  • With no need for a solvent evaporation process, the OCMA-500 offers easy operation, and can detect even oils with low boiling points.
  • Various Applications:Factory drainage, Ballast water, Bilge, Vehicle maintenance site and gas stations.


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