pH/Conductivity/IONLAQUA Twin Compact Meters HORIBA Promo

pH/Conductivity/IONLAQUA Twin Compact Meters HORIBA Promo

LAQUATwin compact meters enable accurate direct measurement from only a single drop on the unique flat sensor. There’s a LAQUAtwin meter for seven electrochemistry parameters such as pH, conductivity, various ions (Na+, K+, NO3 -, Ca2+) and salt concentration.


  • Accurate reading from only a single drop, in just a few seconds
  • pH, conductivity, ions and salt concentration. 7 parameters, 11 models
  • Calibrate and measure at the touch of a button – the smiley face appears when the result can be read
  • LAQUAtwin is fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67)
  • A carry-case with standard solution is provided for handy lab portability


The following models are available:

  • LAQUATwin B711 pH
  • LAQUATwin B771 Conductivity
  • LAQUATwin B721 Salt meter
  • LAQUATwin B722 Sodium Ion meter
  • LAQUATwin B731 Potassium Ion meter
  • LAQUATwin B743 Nitrate Ion meter
  • LAQUATwin B741 Nitrate Ion meter for Crop
  • LAQUATwin B742 Nitrate Ion meter for Soil
  • LAQUATwin B751 Calcium Ion meter


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