The U-SMPS series comprises a DEMC particle classifier, with which a monodisperse particle fraction is obtained from a polydisperse aerosol, depending on the applied voltage. The number concentration is determined with a particle counter.

The U-SMPS is able to measure concentrations of up to 108 particles/cm3 . The U-SMPS is equipped with a continuous and fast-scanning principle of measurement and scans both up and down. Palas® is the first manufacturer in the world to develop and incorporate this up-and-down scan mode. The U-SMPS universally supports DMAs, CPCs, and aerosol electrometers from other manufacturers. It is able to be connected to other computers or networks using various interfaces (USB, LAN, WLAN, RS-232/485).

The U-SMPS is successfully used in practice due to its special advantages.