Palas Aerosol Spectrometers can be used for measurement of particle size and concentration of aerosols in industrial processes, the environment, filter testing, etc..
The success of the Palas® aerosol spectrometers is based on the development of the measurement method with a white light source, 90° scattered-light detections and an optically defined measurement volume by the University of Karlsruhe, KIT.
To the very day it is the world’s only optical measurement method that ensures precise particle and concentration determination over a wide measuring range up to 106 particles/cm3 .

Since 2000 the development led to the welas® digital system (White Light Aerosol spectrometer System) with patented T-aperture technology. The patented optical fibre technology allows reliable quasi-simultaneous measurement at two measurement points with one device and in chemically aggressive waste gases.

Palas® offers with the model groups welas® digital, Inas®, Promo® and Fidas® the most modern, reliable and scientifically most thoroughly investigated optical aerosol spectrometers in the world.

Optical aerosol spectrometers (OAS, ISO 21501-1, VDI 3867-4) and optical particle counters (OPC, ISO 21501-4) show different characteristics.