Picarro G2508

The Picarro G2508 gas concentration analyzer provides simultaneous, precise measurement of nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) at parts-per-billion (ppb), and water (H2O) vapor at parts-per-million (ppm) sensitivity with negligible drift for agriculture soil science, ecology, and emissions quantification.


The Picarro G2508 gas concentration analyzer radically simplifies soil flux studies by simultaneously measuring five gases— N2O, CH4, CO2, NH3, and H2O—to provide a complete picture of greenhouse gas soil emissions. Greenhouse gas exchange between soil and the atmosphere is a critical step in the global nitrogen and carbon cycles. The G2508 easily integrates with soil chambers, and there is no need to assemble and synchronize separate gas analyzers to observe the behavior of all the major greenhouse gases. The G2508 employs precise cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) technology to measure gas concentrations to parts-per billion (ppb) sensitivity with negligible drift. And unique Picarro algorithms provide automatic water correction of N2O, CH4, and CO2.

Picarro G2508 table


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