Principle: Flame ionization detection (FID) with selective combustion

Application: THC, NMHC, and CH4 in ambient air

Range: Standard ranges: 0-5/10/20/50 ppmC; auto range ~ manual range selectable;

can beoperated by remote switching.

Optional (measurable) ranges: 4 ranges selectable from 0-100 ppmC, within 10 times range ratio;

auto range ~ manual range selectable; can be operated by remote switching.

Lower detectable limit: 0.022 ppmC(3 sigma)

Repeatability:±1.0% of F.S.

Linearity:±1.0% of F.S.

Zero drift: <LDL/day at lowest range

±0.05 ppmC/week at lowest range

Span drift:<LDL/day at lowest range

±0.5 % F.S./week

Response time (T90): Within 60 sec at lowest range

Sample gas flow rate: Approx. 0.9 L/min

Indication: Measured value, range, alarm, maintenance screen


During AIC, zero calibration error, span calibration error, temperature error in zero gas purifier, ignition failure error, etc.

On-screen messages are available in four languages: English, German, French, and Japanese.

Input/output:・0-1 V/0-10 V/4-20 mA, to be specified (2 systems: either (1) momentary value andintegrated or (2) moving average value) ・Contact input/output ・RS-232C (option)

Ambient temperature: 5-40 ℃

Power: 100/110/115/120/220/230/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (to be specified)

Dimensions: 430(W)Χ550(D)Χ221(H) mm

Mass:Approx. 33 kg