Envirosys engineers provide complete Sustainable Environmental Design services from the early stages of the building design including specialized consulting, building simulations and services to support the whole process for Green Building LEED or BREEAM Certification. Our aim is to explore cost-conscious sustainable design towards beautiful and inspiring constructions that increase the value of the asset in the market.

Our multidisciplinary team provides environmental assessment of the buildings, consultancy for integrated design and complete study for LEED and/or  BREEAM Certification. Envirosys approach aims to investigate the energetic implications of key design criteria for shading, space heating and cooling, and therefore define their potential attributes to minimize energy consumption and subsequently CO2 emissions.

Sustainable, eco-friendly design is the primary focus of our team, without any compromise on functionality and comfort for the building tenants and users. We value the well-being of visitors, guests and residents this is why we target to provide comfortable and healthy living space.

Sustainability of the building envelope plays a key role for the energy performance. Our sustainable design strategies also include thermal and daylight analysis to balance the requirements of the architectural as well as the sustainable design principles, in order to optimize building space and enhance indoor environmental quality.


    • Daylight analysis – simulation of the architectural design concept.
    • Thermal analysis to optimize strategies for energy-efficient building systems and minimize carbon footprint.
    • Integration of environmental friendly principles from the early stage of the architectural design concept to the delivery.
  • GREEN BUILDING LEED Certification and BREEAM Certification
    • Our team provides overall Sustainable Environmental Design support and engineering services for green buildings from concept design to construction, in order to obtain LEED Certification or/and BREEAM Certification.
    • Our engineers oversee the construction process and cover the fields of materials & resources used, waste management, energy & water use efficiency, aiming for innovation on design as well as the construction practice.